We help our PV-customers reach grid-parity

For more than ten years, M+W Group has been the market leader in design and construction of new and upgraded photovoltaic fabs. Our broad spectrum of solutions for the whole value chain extends to the manufacturing of all state of the art thin-film technologies and silicon-based Photovoltaics from Ploy Si through Ingot/wafer/cells to modules.


Your advantages:

  • Experience from over 10,000 Megawatt (peak) PV Fab capacity realized
  • Emphasis on benchmarking and value engineering to reduce capital investment and operating costs
  • Fast time to market to reduce the return of invest
  • Global design expertise, global purchasing power and experience
  • Winner of the “Solar Industry Award 2010” and “Solar Industry Award 2011”



M+W Group is the leading consulting and EPC company for consulting/project development and design/built within the entire PV added value chain-from sand and solar park.

PV: Confidential Client, Shenzhen, China
PV: Zhonghuan Inner Mongolia PV Material Co. Ltd., Hohhot, China

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