Sustainable Facility Solutions

M+W Group globally and China in particular are constantly researching and developing new technologies and engineering ideas to enable efficiency and application of the latest discoveries within new green building projects.


M+W China executed several green building projects in 2009 and throughout 2011, especially LEED Certified Projects – a US green building rating system. Our current team of LEED GA and AP certified engineers is capable of providing full LEED Consultancy services, especially green building design concept calculation.


M+W China ensures through constant research, extensive engineering training and anticipation of developing trends to remain one of the leading companies in a vast growing new market segment.

Green Building: Merial Animal Health Co. Ltd, Nanchang, China
Green Building: Genzyme Corporation, Beijing, China
Green Building: Wrigley Confectionery (China) Company Ltd., Guangzhou, China
Green Building: Confidential Client, Shanghai, China

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