Exceeding your needs

We are proud to have excellent track records of industrial facilities worldwide and specifically in China. The experience we have gained from our services ensures that the tailored and fully integrated solutions we offer you, will be a great success.


Our industrial experience covers all types of industries, such as Automotive, Commercial, General Mechanical, General Electrical industries.


M+W China can be the single source that meets and exceeds all your needs. In our role as design and build contractor, we design and construct the entire building complexes with the required services and utilities.


This includes for example:

  • Building Shell
  • Building services such as Fire Protection and Plumbing
  • HVAC systems
  • Power Supply and Distribution Systems
  • Facility Management Control System (FMCS)
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Utility Systems
  • Waste disposal systems,
  • HVAC Equipment (Such as AHU, MAU)
General Industries: Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China
General Industries: Volkswagen, Shanghai, China

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