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M+W China offers customized and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of the electronics industry, both front-end and back-end. From integrated circuits and assembly/test operations, disk drives, printed circuit boards and all manufacturing requirements in between, we offer the experience and expertise to design and build.


Our strength is the ability to provide full range of services you need to grow your business, from predevelopment services, to consulting, design, construction and tool installation.


It is our mission to always be at the forefront of technological development, to bring value to our clients and offer cost effective solutions to your engineering and construction needs. We are putting all our efforts into the provision of high quality and reliable facilities to provide state of the art technology to meet your manufacturing goals.

Electronics: Confidential Client, Dalian, China
Electronics: Confidential Client, Chengdu, China
Electronics: TSMC (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China
Electronics: Infineon, Suzhou, China
Electronics: STMicroelectronics, Shenzhen, China
Electronics: SanDisk Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China
Electronics: Qimonda, Suzhou, China
Electronics: Advanced Material Zhonghuan Cooperation, Tianjin, China
Electronics: SMIC, Shanghai, China
Electronics: SMIC, Beijing, China
Electronics: Zhuzhou CSR Times Electronic Co., Ltd, Zhuzhou, China
Electronics: AT&S (China) Co. Ltd, Chongqing, China
Electronics: Hejian, Suzhou, China
Electronics: AT&S (China) Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China
Electronics: Texas Instruments, Inc., Chengdu, China
Electronics: Confidential Client, Shanghai, China

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